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Rock the Cut

Using Media to Solve for an Operational Challange


Supercuts needed to solve for an in-salon music solution. In the salons, the managers typically played the radio, but Supercuts wanted to control the listening environment to eliminate inappropriate content and competitive messages while providing enough variety to keep the stylists and customers happy. With the launch of their new creative platform, "Rock the Cut," Supercuts aligned themselves with emerging music artists and synced music with personal style to make the brand more relevant to their customer. To leverage the new messaging and solve for the in-salon music needs, we partnered with iHeartRadio to develop an integrated cross media approach featuring both terrestrial and digital radio components and content to engage consumers both in and out of the salon. iHeart's Program Directors created a variety of digital music channels that aligned with Supercuts emerging artists, that lived online, on mobile/tablets, and in-salon. Most importantly, the channels provided in-store music for the chain, further integrating our campaign into our customer’s in-salon experience at no cost. Supercuts had 100% SOV on these channels for branding messaging and to showcase additional vendor products and services to help increase the average ticket price of their customers.

Supercuts had 100% Share of Voice